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User experience design is in modern society more than we know, and none more so than within the digital products we use day to day. As a designer it's my responsibility to not only produce visually appealing design user interfaces and websites, but design them in a way that is easy to use.
About me
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Iā€™m John-Luke, I both design and build visually appealing user experiences.

Being a designer, it's important that I believe that all forms of design are important. Whether that's forms of visual communication to a well thought user interface and everything/anything in between, design leaves an impressionable mark on the users and customers who use them.

I believe all forms of design feed into user experience which leaves a long lasting impression on your customers and users both positive and negative.
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How can I help?

I've had 5+ years of experience, exposure and eduction and the one thing I've taken away in that time about design is that it's the art of problem solving and if the solution is innovative and robust it will always have a positive impact on a business.

Every company I've worked with all had different criteria and a unique set of circumstances, however I've found they all rely on the same skills and processes to solve the problems. With these though I deliver tailormade design to fit each objective laid out in every project I've worked on, with a good experience always being the end goal.
ā€” What I work on

A bad experience can leave
a longer lasting impression on
a user than a good one,
this is where User Experience
design comes in

UX Design
UI Design
Web Design
Graphic Design
Art Direction
More of what I do
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UI design process

UX/UI Design

What do I believe UX design is? It's ensuring the end user is centric to the decisions we constantly make as designers to ensure their experience is positive as possible.

The reason it sits so closely to User Interface design is because with technology ever growing and being able to do more, User Interfaces if left with no design thinking could become impossible to use, regardless of how great they look.

I have worked on a range of User Interfaces with the objective of making them more user friendly and modernised.
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Simple and intuitive design
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User friendly
Photo of web design process

Web design

Web design like UX/UI design relies on similar principles, however has a different objective which is more directly affected by visual communication, branding and engaging with your audiences as say print design design would.

I design and build bespoke websites that blends principles from both fields of design to create an incredibly appealing user experience that leaves a long positive impression on the people who visit.
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Engaging visually
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Bespoke and handcrafted
Development process


Programming and development can feed into design a lot more than many like to admit, which is why I took it upon myself to learn how to develop websites with HTML, CSS and Javascript. The translation between design and development can get lost along the way, having an understanding of both breaks down that gap and helps me to understand the design and product I'm working on even more.

I take pride in making sure the code I write is smooth, fully scalable and performs all of which feed into the make-up and design of a digital product.
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Reusable code
Graphic design process

Graphic Design

I believe Graphic design is the most traditional form of design and the purest, this form of design is what got me so passionate about being a designer.

Captivating your audiences through visual communication and intrigue users and customers alike, the graphic design I have worked on has come in the most vast of forms, from simple logo design to detailed multi page prospectuses for colleges.
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Innovative and impactful
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Professional first impressions
Who have I worked with?
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Small and large organisations alike that have already have established a digital presence, I have worked on growing and improving their digital brands and experiences.
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Sole Traders

Sole Traders
Helping sole traders build their businesses with varying forms of design, from logo design to website design, I have worked directly with them to their specifications.
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Engaging with new businesses to help them launch their online audience through websites mainly. Giving their customers and users positive lasting impressions.


ā€” I've worked with
Working with great people is a great part of my job. Here a few of my favourites.
Hull College Group
Sam Brown Personal Training
Fresh Property Group
SGS Electrical Contractors