Branding & Website

Sam Brown Personal Training




March 2020


April 2020




Problem statement

Sam wanted to establish a digital presence - with the nature of most of his work being face-to-face, such a presence would be crucial to building up a network in the heart of London. Most of Sam’s advertising is done naturally through social media, Instagram, Facebook.

Having been fortunate and hard-working enough to have achieved significant organic growth already, Sam required a professional brand to complement his business and services. He required a website for new customers to get contact information from, to be able get in touch with general enquiries, as well as a store of information for potential clients to browse as needed.


Project Goal

Working to tight deadlines, deliver a highly professional looking website for Sam to attract new customers.

COVID-19 hit as this site was undergoing construction, and so there was significant pressure to get the site live. With restrictions becoming steadily more intense (eventually resulting in Sam having no means to work directly with his customers), we needed to push the site live as quickly as possible as a customer resource to help Sam keep his business ticking over and expanding during these unprecedented circumstances. Seeing he had already taken to online personal training and with a website build on the agenda, I was proud to help Sam with his clear ambition to keep his business moving forward despite significant obstacles.

We wanted to achieve a certain tone with Sam's content. Competitors seemed to have gone down the route of talking about themselves a lot to impress potential customers. In contrast, Sam wanted to show not only his great personality through his content, but also wanted to demonstrate a personal and friendly approach while not being overstated.

I wanted to build a website that was quick and easy to use for Sam's customers and centred around their need for convenience. As such, all the content is easy to find and users can quickly come and go, with the natural user journey leading them to either the contact details or using the contact form.

With him having little to no branding previously, I also designed visual communicators, a logo, business cards and flyers for Sam to use for face-to-face contacts. All of these are in line with the website design and create a powerful and consistent image from Sam's brand.


The Outcome

Great customer, great project

Sam has been using his website along with Google Analytics to track his engagement with new customers and has found that it is drawing hundreds of new visits per month - which previously he was only getting through his Instagram page. The website links beautifully with his existing social media presence and allows his customers to engage with him in another effective way.

The site allows him to network with new potential clients and the printable material I created for him means he can leave a lasting impression on those he engages with face to face. We have frequent catchups to see how he is getting on and to explore new ideas, and I thoroughly enjoy working with Sam as we continue to grow his customer base and business.