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Thanks for visiting my site. I work as a full time UI Designer, based in the heart of West Yorkshire. I am currently with a company called BTL, working on UI and UX elements of a proprietary exam portal. However, I also regularly undertake freelance projects - please take a look at my "projects" page to see some examples of my work. As you will see, I have a broad range of experience, and am keenly interested in modern design trends as well as systemic design.

I started my career as an Apprentice Designer at a small agency, working mainly within education as a Visual Designer. From there, I shifted focus to the digital side of design, before moving into Web Design and subsequently onto User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design.

I am proud of my ability to confidently work on both sides of the fence - in design & development. Being able to do so simultaneously not only allows me to work more efficiently, but gives me a more clear understanding of all aspects of the project as a whole - leading to a cohesive end product. I find real satisfaction in being able to follow through on building the elements that I design; this level of control and flexibility is hugely beneficial when combined with my passion and excitement about the projects I work on.

I am always looking to push the envelope, and constantly explore new ways to combine both design and development to create amazing experiences. This includes taking inspiration from other designers that motivate me: despite spending much of my time working solo, I enjoy collaborating with others and working as a collective where possible.

Of course, I'm not purely about work: I am a keen surfer, who spends many an hour freezing in the North Sea whenever the swell appears! I am also interested in sport - I'm a Manchester United fan, but promise I won't fall out with you if you're not!

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, I'm always happy to chat about work or play!

6+ years of experience in multiple disciplines of design, across organisations both large and small.

I have worked in teams small and large, using both collaboration and determination to solve any problem in an innovative way.

My love of design does not stop with my full-time job, as I regularly take on freelance projects and look for new opportunities to do so. This is about more than just paying the bills - it gives a me different range of experience, allows me to work directly with great people, and gives me the freedom to really put my stamp on what I create, expertly tailoring it to the needs of the customer and the end users. All of this allows me to continue to develop as a designer, and to continually explore new ways to innovate and excel in what I do.


My experience in a nutshell

Start date

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Start date: August 2019

End date: Current

Role: UX/UI Designer

Company: BTL Shipley

Start date: August 2016

End date: Current

Role: Freelance Designer

Company: Freelance

Start date: December 2017

End date: August 2019

Role: Web Designer

Company: Blue Octopus

Start date: August 2014

End date: August 2016

Role: Junior Designer

Company: Expo Design


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