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May 2020


July 2020




Problem statement

As new business with no form of design, HFS were a blank canvas. They required both a logo and website build in a short period of time to help them launch their service, as they had no way of showcasing their work and their brand of hardwood floors in areas that demonstrate a market for these.

Having a short turnaround time did mean less time to do in-depth proper competitor analysis, strategic considerations etc, however this was understandable based on the business needs and circumstances.


Project Goal

To market hardwood flooring to homeowners and business owners in London.

Drew, the business owner, had a clear goal in mind: to market their business to homeowners and business owners in London, despite being from West Yorkshire. Central London was where most of his existing clients had been sourced from, via word of mouth.

The logo and website were to have a prestigious feel to it without being too tacky. The logo and the website would need quite closely tie in together thematically, with the two were being created around the same time and would need to be synergistic with the name and nature of the business.

We quickly settled on photography as a key focus for the website and as the ultimate means of, establishing the brand - by showcasing the beautiful hardwood floors that HFS had already fitted into customers homes. This type of work speaks for itself in terms of value, and so needed to be front and centre as a component of the website design.

There were also needs around future expandability and flexibility. With a lot of the flooring being ‘reclaimed’, Drew wanted the capacity to eventually push this side of the business harder. Therefore, the website needed to be designed and developed in an expansive way so that additional content could be added further down the line.

First impressions were key for the website as they intended on using it to advertise on both social media (in which viewer retention time and rate is limited) and through Google's Pay Per Click. A goal was to have most of potential new customers apply directly through the site or phone call so that conversations could begin regarding projects, despite most of them were hundreds of miles away. Hence the website needed to have a real "wow" factor, and be easily navigable, to encourage and facilitate new sources of business.


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The Outcome

The result

Less is more when it comes to design. I wanted the images/photography to occupy most of the visual real estate on the website. With that in mind, I crafted a minimalist site with a clean aesthetic, using a mix of neutral & earth like colours to complement the images. It beautifully showcases the work of HFS and puts their product front and centre, allowing customers to imagine it in their own homes - and quickly and easily make the enquiries to start that process.

The website is already being used as a tool to advertise via social media and Google to attract new customers. So far, the site has brought in a significant number of new customers and new enquiries. Going forward, we plan expansion to enable customers to directly purchase hardwood from the team. This will mean integration of e-commerce functions, while maintaining the effective aesthetic and simple structure of the site as it stands in its role as a beautiful digital business card.